Dometic CFX-65DZUS: A Portable Fridge/Freezer for Indoor and Outdoor

Dometic CFX-65DZUS

Nowadays there are many different items available that are designed to make camping trips, and long distance RV journeys as efficient and enjoyable as possible, yet some of the most popular and efficient devices are portable fridge freezers. The problem with there being so many of these devices nowadays, is the fact that finding an efficient model that functions as it claims to function, can be a bit of a nightmare. Sadly, many portable fridge freezers simply don’t cut it in the real world, and either don’t reach temperatures they claim to be able to reach, or they don’t have enough internal storage space, or they simply break down after a prolonged spell of continued use. The Dometic CFX-65DZUS however, is considered to be one of the most reliable and efficient fridge freezers on the market today, which is why we’ll be taking a more detailed look at it right now.


  • Low power usage
  • Generous storage space
  • Handy USB charging port
  • Very energy efficient
  • Durable and hardwearing


  • Perhaps a little pricey, although prices vary greatly in some places

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What is Dometic CFX-65DZUS portable fridge freezer?

The CFX-65DZUS is one of the most reliable and efficient fridge freezers on the market today. It features an incredibly powerful compressor cooler that provides not only a spacious refrigeration zone, but also a 17 litre freezer compartment in the process. The cabinet itself is incredibly durable and heavy duty, and it looks great in the process. It is perfect for providing fridge/freezer space for RVs, trucks, boats, SUVs, or anything else for that matter, and perhaps best of all, it means you never have to use bags of ice again, and deal with the aftermath I.E soggy sandwiches. It features a three-stage battery protection feature, a fully electronic thermostat with a digital temperature readout, and there is even a USB connection which can allow you to recharge smaller gadgets such as phones.

What are the main features?

The Dometic CFX-65DZUS is packed full of handy features that make it a true force to be reckoned with in the portable fridge/freezer world. Main features include:

  • 61 litre storage capacity
  • Large internal space
  • Strong and durable
  • USB charging port
  • 12/24 and 240 Volt
  • Electronic thermostat and digital LED display
  • LED interior light
  • Low power usage
  • AC and DC power cords
  • 51 pounds in weight
  • Temperatures can be set from -8F – +50F
  • And more…

Here below customer reviews about Dometic CFX-65DZUS;


Good Dometic CFX-65DZUS Reviews


Bad Dometic CFX-65DZUS Reviews

Bottom Line

I’ll give you the option how this fridge run when it is yours already. These are the things you may encounter while handling. With so much to offer this fridge are prominent and elegant.

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Overall, Dometic are a force to be reckoned with in the fridge/freezer world and the CFX-65DZUS helps to solidify this fact no end. The fridge freezer is very energy efficient, it features a generous amount of storage space, it is durable and built to last, and it quickly gets down to the temperatures you set it to reach. Due to its size and functionality, it is perfect for camping trips and RV breaks, and the USB charging port is the icing on the cake.

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