Puraflame Western: A Small Heater for Large Rooms

puraflame westernOur planet is a truly wonderful creation, filled with a number of natural sights of beauty. One thing that we do notice however, is that with the changing of the seasons, the weather can affect us in a variety of different ways. For example, during winter however, is generally considered the more extreme of the two, as feeling too cold can not only make you miserable, it can also put your life in danger. But what can we do in extreme temperatures? Well, in the summer, rather than relying on open windows, or on fans that simply circulate warm air around the room, we could choose to purchase heater. During winter, to keep us warm, comfortable, and safe, we could go with a portable heater. Puraflame Western heaters are very popular and they come in a variety of different designs and efficiencies.

First up, we shall be taking a look at the Puraflame Western 33 inch embedded electric firebox heater with remote control. This heater is considered a real bargain, it has a lot of positive feedback, and it could very well be ideal for you this upcoming winter.


The main pros of Puraflame Western includes:

  • Realistic flame emulating effects
  • Can be used for decoration as well as just heat
  • Helps save money on energy prices
  • Emits a great deal of heat
  • Looks great


 In truth, there is very little to find wrong with this heater, though some users have complained about the following:

  • At $320 some have complained this is a little high, though this is a superior model

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What is puraflame western? 

This heater is one of the most eco-friendly electric heaters currently on the market, and when you see it, it will be hard for you not to fall in love with it. At first glance, you would be forgiven for mistaking it for a real fireplace with real flames, when in reality, that is not the case at all. It features ultra-realistic looking emulation flames which can be used with heat, or without for decorative purposes if you would like. It has a three-sided brick wall design, it has an electric temperature control, and it features down-lit technology to enhance the brightness of the hearth itself. There is no oil, gas, or any other fuel required, which in turn not only helps keep costs down, but it also enhances the safety features as well.

Main Features

Some of the main features of this device includes:

Realistic appearance

One of the best things about this product is the ultra-realistic appearance of the flames and “burning” wood effects. In truth, it is tough to tell the difference between the “flames” created with this device, and real ones, which is great for people looking for added realism.

Very powerful

Let’s face it, if a heater doesn’t emit heat, what is its purpose? Well, this product most certainly does emit heat, as it can heat rooms of up to 400 square feet, with no effort whatsoever.

Energy efficient

Another great feature is the fact that it is energy efficient, meaning that energy costs remain low, whilst you stay nice and warm.

Other features include:

  • User-friendly design
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Remote control
  • 750/1500w fan heater
  • One year warranty
  • Professional finish


 If you’re looking for a way of enhancing the appearance of your room and fireplace, without having to rely on solid fuel, or gas, and to keep energy prices low, then this is the perfect heater for you. The Puraflame looks fantastic, and it works even better, making it a real winner.

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