Rubbermaid FG2C0902MODBL: A Wheeled Ice Chest Cooler for Indoor & Outdoor

Rubbermaid FG2C0902MODBL

Pros – Large size of the cooler makes accommodation of up to 130 cans ice attainable. The option this provides is vast from storing beverages at home and outdoor activities to local shops on the street and parks.

  • Perfect side swing comfort grip.
  • Easy and convenient carriage
  • Strong rugged wheels for movement over hard surfaces.
  • Tight Metallic and plastic extended tow handle.
  • Very Affordable
  • Effective temperature regulation
  • Energy sufficient

CONS – A little on the large size, not much of a problem and not ideal for cooperate firms unlike refrigerators.

The best beverages to maintain proper body functions are normally chilled and refreshing. Most times for certain reasons homes run out of ice or maybe from the usage of bad coolers, deriving great taste from canned foods have been difficult.

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This is why we are happy to review the Rubbermaid FG2C0902MODBL Extreme 5-Day Wheeled Ice Cooler that keeps ice frozen up to 5 days even in temperatures up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit with its thick insulation.

Main Features

The Rubbermaid cooler is a game changer from its;

  • Portability,
  • Durable metal body
  • Impeccable mobility
  • Awesome sleek colors/designs and many others;

Consumers are happy to have a refrigerator on the go to stage their camping, picnics, tailgating or any party.

Basic information how portable cooler improve our lives when in comes to food/drinks storage.

Here is what consumers are saying about this cooler on some of the big shopping sites like Amazon and others;

“I was actually extremely worried buying this because of all the reviews saying how “gigantic” or “huge” this thing was but I decided to take the risk anyway because the price was so good and I needed something reliable to take with me on my road trip from Florida to Maine. Needless to say I was very happy and relieved when it arrived at the quality and the size of it. This cooler fits perfectly and easily into the back of my SUV “2015 rav4 if that helps anyone for size reference”

”We took an Igloo and the Rubbermaid to our land and the next day…all the ice was melted in the Igloo and the Rubbermaid still had ice. They had sat side by side in the shade in the Texas heat. This is our 2nd one of these and they are hard to find. The wheels make it easy to tote around”

People do not get tired of leaving awesome user experience review of this product all over the internet.


  • Careful handling.
  • Keep away from direct sun-rays.
  • Dis-integrate and clean periodically.
  • Do not use harsh detergents or any sharp object while cleaning.


This cooler is ideal for people with low budget that need a product to keep their beverages cold and refreshing. I have to give props to the producers of this cooler with the great concept they brought that makes mobility easy and stress free.

The price is another measure the company took to make sure everybody purchased this, on a final note I highly recommend this product.

For over the years ice coolers seem to come in certain varieties, too small and no enough space, or tremendously large and expensive.

The Rubbermaid ice cooler has served as means to fit between these two extremes.

No issues at all. Parts are made in the USA.

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