Wilbur Curtis Decanter Warmer: A Hot Plate to keep Coffee Hot, Fresh and Deliciou

Wilbur Curtis Decanter Warmer

Pros – This is beautifully made and can serve perfectly in any setting or location; even offices can get this to serve coffee.

  • Keeps coffee hot and delicious
  • Strongly built thus very durable
  • Top brand, very popular among consumers in the commercial food service industry.
  • Warmers easily located
  • Very cooperate and functional, can be used in restaurants, hotels and other food service establishments.
  • Easy to use

CONS – Very popular, might not sound good for people that hate trends and Not very big.

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Looking forward to a good day? Start your morning with a hot cup of coffee. This is totally natural and the effect of a hot cup of coffee on our body cannot be over-emphasized.

A popular choice for food service professionals seeking a reliable coffee decanter warmer is the Wilbur Curtis Decanter Warmer AW-1-10. This is enough reason why I must review this great home appliance that keeps the coffee hot and delicious.

Main Features

The Wilbur Curtis Warmer is assembled and designed with only the purpose to keep our coffee hot and refreshing in mind, some of its exceptional features includes;

  • Sleek Designs
  • High Temperature Adjustment
  • Durable
  • Individual warming plates that comes handy in commercial food service industry

This is in fact one of the famous and best house appliance designed to keep coffee hot, fresh and delicious.

Here below is somewhat consumers have to say about this warmer;

As a coffee warmer, the surface is just right, and neatly fits a Curtis or Bunn or Mellette Carafe.”

 “I replaced a similar restaurant-type single-station coffee warmer I’ve had a few years now, a Bunn. Functionally, the Bunn was great (a metal version which in turn replaced an earlier lower-profile plastic version).”

This is indeed a great product to help us get the best taste out from our coffee.


  • Keep in a safe place
  • Careful handling
  • Keep neat after usage
  • Always wash and store


The Wilbur Curtis Decanter Warmer is ideal for people in dire need for great coffee always and appreciate the taste of a hot coffee. This also suits any one with low budget that cannot afford similar products with exuberant prices.

This warmer has it made possible to have hot coffee anytime any place so I really have to commend the makers of this product.

Cheap price, good product, long lasting, no issues at all.

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