About 12v Refrigerator

About 12v Refrigerator

For those of you who have a keen interest in the great outdoors, you’ll know all too well that travelling to beaches, campsites, rural locations, and anywhere else for that matter, can be made a heck of a lot better with food and drink. Take a day at the beach for example. Picture the scene, you’re staying nearby, the sun is shining, it’s hot and sunny, and you’re thirsty and craving an ice cold beverage, whether it be beer or non-alcoholic. The problem however, is that in the hot sunshine, they can will quickly warm up, and as you know, a warm drink that is supposed to be served ice cold, is not going to be enjoyable, and that’s putting it mildly. Even picnics in the outdoors can be ruined by warm temperatures, because as you know, keeping food chilled/frozen is the only real way of ensuring that it stays fresh and safe to consume. Now, you could do what thousands upon thousands of other people do each year, which is invest in a cool box/bag, but in reality, these devices do not stay cool for long, and even if they do, they simply can’t reach the type of temperatures that refrigerators and freezers can reach. The good news however, is that all of these issues can be solved if you invest in a portable 12v refrigerator and cooler. Not only will they keep your drinks nice and cold, they will also help to ensure your food stays cool and fresh.

Why portable refrigerators/coolers?

The best thing about portable coolers and refrigerators is the fact that they have been specially designed with versatility in mind. Yes, they’re perfect for outdoor trips to the beach, and for camping trips etc, but they’re also perfect for family gatherings in, and around the home – barbeques for example. They are ideal because they can be used at any time of the year, in virtually any conditions, and the only thing you will need to worry about, will be whether or not you have the space in your home/car/RV to store the device. The fantastic thing about these devices is the fact that, due to the fact that everybody seems intent on achieving an instant fix and an instant solution nowadays, that is exactly what you will get with a 12V portable refrigerator/cooler/freezer. These devices, once switched on, will quickly reach temperature and will help to provide you with cool, fresh, and safe foods and drinks to enjoy, no matter what you’re doing.

Which device to choose?

With so much variety on offer, it can be tricky to know exactly which device would be best suited for your own specific needs and requirements, which is why we’ve compiled this handy list for you to compare. Below you will see a breakdown of a selection of the best 12V refrigerators and coolers so finding the best device for your own specific needs and requirements just couldn’t be easier. As if that wasn’t all, you will also find some cool (pardon the pun) tips on choosing the best device, and getting the most out of your device.

What is the difference between a 12V Cooler and Refrigerator?

A lot of people don’t actually know the difference between a cooler and a refrigerator, and whilst the two are indeed similar, especially if you happen to not ne a seasoned refrigerator and cooler expert, there are a number of differences that you do need to be made aware of.

Cooling ranges

 First and foremost, the most obvious difference lies in the cooling range of each of these devices. Coolers for example, do just that, they COOL foods and drinks, which can be great for milder times of the year, but for summer heatwave temperatures, a cooler just isn’t gonna’ cut it. Coolers can reach temperatures which are as low as 40F, or as high as 90F, which as you can see, is going to cool down produce, but it certainly isn’t going to be enough to keep food fresh and healthy and safe for consumption. Refrigerators however, do just that, they refrigerate foods and drinks, just like they do at home and in restaurants. These temperatures can get so low that layers of frost and ice can actually be found on the produce that you use.

Temperature adjustments

Portable refrigerators are also ideal as they allow the user to adjust the cooling temperatures themselves, manually, so you can alter temperatures as when you require. They’re fully portable, so you can store and carry them in your car/RV vehicle; all you will need is a socket for the AC power supply, along with DC vehicle power outlet.

What are the main benefits of portable refrigerators and coolers?

There are a number of benefits associated with portable refrigerators and coolers, with some of the most prominent examples including:


One of the biggest benefits of these devices is the fact that they’re fully portable. This is ideal because they’re perfect for camping trips, days at the beach, picnics, and even family functions in the back yard. This is especially beneficial because it gives you the freedom to enjoy cool/cold produce, without any health and safety risks. You simply carry the devices and/or store them in your vehicle, and hey presto.


Another benefit, as previously touched upon, is the fact that these devices help keep foods safe, which is very important. Raw meats and seafood for example, has to be stored at a very cold temperature at all times, otherwise harmful bacteria can grow on it, which could lead to food poisoning and could potentially be fatal. As these devices maintain constant cold temperatures, you needn’t worry about bacteria and germs being found on the foods, so that when you do prepare and consume them, you can enjoy them without having to worry for your health, and indeed the health of others.

Low power consumption

Another great benefit of these devices is the fact that they consume so little power, so running them is easy, and above all else, it is cheap as well, which is a huge bonus.

AC and DC currents

These devices can run from either an AC, or a DC power supply, though it is worth knowing the differences in advance. AC, or Alternating Current, can reverse its direction in cycles. For vehicles with AC sockets, obviously an AC supply is ideal. You can even opt for solar batteries and panels which have been specially designed for AC usage. DC, or Direct Current, is typically used in household appliances and virtually any other electrical outlet in the process. With power cords running between 12 and 120 voltages, all depending on your appliances being used, they are typically found in, and around the home.


Choosing a portable cooler/refrigerator

The good news is that there are many different portable refrigerators and coolers out there to choose from, but the bad news is the fact that finding your ideal device will be very difficult. Here are a few handy tips to help you out:

  • Read online reviews left by owners of the devices
  • Look at the power usage
  • Look at the noise levels of these devices
  • Consider why you need a portable refrigerator/cooler and factor in the size
  • Set yourself a budget and try to stick within it
  • Ask on various forums and social networking pages
  • Consider where you plan on storing your device
  • Consider the types of foods and drinks you plan on storing in your device
  • Don’t buy the first product you come across
  • Don’t assume that cheap is best, because more often than not, it isn’t
  • Try the product before you buy
  • Make sure you work out the correct size of the device so that you know how much you can store in it
  • Try to opt for trusted brands and suppliers

Power consumptions

Before we wrap things up, it’s first worth taking the time to talk about power consumptions. As mentioned, the great thing about these devices is the fact that they consume so little power, although just how little power, will depend on several factors. These include:

  • Size and volume of your chosen device
  • The overall size of the compressor found in the device
  • Atmospheric and ambient temperatures
  • How many items you have stored in your device
  • Which temperature you’ve set the device at
  • The make and model
  • The condition of the device
  • The location where your device is stored
  • How often the device is opened and closed
  • Whether or not the door is closed properly after it has been opened
  • Whether or not the device is a from a well-known brand or a cheap imitation

Foods/beverage storage safety tips

  • Monitor the expiry date on the items you put into the fridge like best before and use-by date.
    • Use-by date means the food must be consumed quite quickly as consuming. The food after this date would be dangerous.
    • Best before are the foods that would last long. They are safe to eat after the mentioned date but it can affect the quality and taste of the food item.
    • Important to remember: If food looks and smells fine (after its use-by date), it doesn’t mean it is safe to eat; still it is stale and contaminated. Discard it immediately for your health safety.

Criteria when buying 12V refrigerator

  • Plan properly, depending upon the number of users.
  • Read in detail the main features of each product and their reviews. Go through the comments of people who have bought the product. Four and Five stars symbolize the best quality of the product.
  • Higher prices generally mean better quality since quality doesn’t come cheap.

How important is to buy a brand name?

Yes! Brands usually mean some measure of quality and durability. Buying these branded products will help you in travelling at ease with family and friends.


These products assure a life of satisfaction and convenience. Your worries will reduce to minimum while handling food and beverage. Such investment helps you enjoy a peaceful outdoor excursion with family and friends simultaneously enjoying good food and peace of mind.

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